Youth Land Literacy

Rooted in Anishnabeg knowledge systems, the Youth Land Literacy Program explores environmental science and earth stewardship from an Anishinabe perspective. Partnering with educators and knowledge holders, Minobideg Learning provides youth with outdoor science learning opportunities. 

Starting from an Anishnabe teaching it opens up the doors to lessons on sustainable harvesting practices, the science in everything, harvesting plants or animals, breaking it down to utilize each part and finishing with preparing the harvest to eat and taste. 

When teaching, it is important to include all human senses, as you are not only teaching a mind, you're teaching a spirit and experiential learning stays with a person for a lifetime. 




Check out our partners: Odinewin Cultural Camps

The mission of the camp is to educate the young generation to work with the land through gardening, harvesting medicines, hunting, fishing and to ensure the knowledge of the people is passed on.

Odinewin culture camps | Ottawa River Watershed, Unceded Algonquin Land / Kichi Zibi